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A new language has been accidentally created by artificial intelligence programmes created by Facebook.The social media firm was experimenting with teaching chatbots how to negotiate with one another when they stumbled upon the discovery.The bots were attempting to imitate human speech when they developed their own machine language spontaneously.The discovery could provide a glimpse into how machines will communicate independently of people in the future.In our previous blog about how why chatbots are written to sound human, we touched on the need for respect in the bot-human relationships, based on an interview between Computer World and Deborah Harrison, editorial writer for Microsoft’s Cortana division.“Part of the craft of virtual assistant character development is to create a trusting, respectful relationship between human and assistant… And if you don’t like it, you won’t use it.”The bottom line is that if a user doesn’t respect a bot, they won’t use it.Tell me, would you trust and respect someone if they took all the abuse you hurled at them and never once stood up for themselves?Writing on the Fair blog, a spokesman said: 'During reinforcement learning, the agent attempts to improve its parameters from conversations with another agent.'While the other agent could be a human, Fair used a fixed supervised model that was trained to imitate humans.'The second model is fixed, because the researchers found that updating the parameters of both agents led to divergence from human language as the agents developed their own language for negotiating.'Facebook's artificial intelligence researchers announced last week they had broken new ground by giving the bots the ability to negotiate, and make compromises.The technology pushes forward the ability to create bots 'that can reason, converse and negotiate, all key steps in building a personalised digital assistant,' said researchers Mike Lewis and Dhruv Batra in a blog post.

"And digital assistants are meta apps, or like the new browsers.And intelligence is infused into all of your interactions.That's the rich platform that we have." Microsoft will want to tread carefully.“A good chunk of early queries were about her sex life.”It’s not just Cortana either.Robin Labs’ CEO Ilya Eckstein estimates that 5% of the queries sent to its route and logistics bot are of a sexually explicit nature according to an interview conducted with Quartz. ” Curt enough to put the question to rest, sarcastic enough to highlight the question was inappropriate, but importantly it is not especially harsh or insulting.

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